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Tapicol is an adhesive for materials like polyurethane, foam, wood, metal, fabrics.Commonly used in upholstery Industry

Fast drying and good heat resistance,not swell the foam and can apply by spray gun.

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  • 20 Lt

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Tapicol is a specific adhesive for bonding between foam and polyurethane materials, and materials such as wood, metals, fabrics, etc. Use in Upholstery Industry.

It has an excellent handling, so it is applicable by spray gun or airless.

It is quick drying and does not swell the foam.

It has high tack and good heat resistance

His lifespan once opened is long and develops a quick bond strength.


5 Liters and 20 liters


Good for a period of 12 months, preserving sealed containers and in a cool, dry place.


Colour: Light ambar

Brookfield viscosity = 70-200 cP (mPa.s) a 22 +/- 4ºC

Heat resistance: Medium – High

Spray pressure: 2 to 3 atm(Kg/cm2), with normal spray guns

Spray distance: 30/40 cm,to obtain a uniform coating. At greater distances the coating will be less uniform, it will dry before but does not lose its aggressive tackand the tendency to form "spider web" is moderate.

Open time: Two hours